Rates & Insurance


The return on investment and value for therapy can be immeasurable as its goal is to improve your life, relationships, health, family, and well-being.

Initial Paperwork
Please email to anna@mindfulcounselingvirginia.com to inquire about an appointment if you have a hard time using the scheduling link.
Using Insurance for mental health services
Most insurance plans will cover mental/behavioral health services. The mental health diagnosis is required if insurance is filed.

Currently, following insurances are accepted

Tricare – no referral/ authorization required, unless you are on active duty.

Anthem Healthkeepers

Anthem Healthkeepers Plus

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Sheild



United Health Care

Medicaid ( Optima, Anthem )

The benefits of choosing to pay privately.

Some people choose to opt out from using the insurance for counseling. Here are few reasons:

The Benefit of Privacy

Insurance companies have numerous people examining your files at various stages: people who authorize payment, track your progress, audit psychotherapy practices. By not involving your insurance company your private personal information stays in my office.

The Benefit of Protection

In order for insurance to reimburse your treatment you will receive a mental health diagnosis that goes in your permanent medical record. This diagnosis constitutes a “pre-existing condition” that may be a disqualification from benefits in the future or may otherwise interfere with your coverage if you change plans. Once you have used health insurance for mental health care you will also have to disclose your treatment history if you apply for life insurance and in certain other circumstances such as service in the military.

What are the reasons couples therapy is done through private pay.

Couples therapy is considered one the most challenging types of therapy to do, and so it’s imperative that you find a couples therapist who has extensive training and experience in the field. We use Emotionally Focussed therapy for couples.

Please read more about the EFT approach and success rate HERE.

Insurance rarely pays for marital or couple therapy. Instead, one partner will be identified as the “identified patient” and will receive a mental health diagnosis (if meets the requirements).


Individual session

45 minutes


Individual session

55 minutes


Couples session

55 minutes


Couples/family intensive

3+ hours


Discount rate.

Sliding scale is available for people in extreme circumstances.

Please don’t let cost ever stop you from taking care of your needs.


Using a pre-tax Flex or Health Account for counseling is a way to save money and avoid the hassles of managed care. Unlike using your health insurance for therapy, this route may not always require you to provide a mental health diagnosis.

We are able to directly charge credit cards associated with your employer sponsored HRA or HSA (Health Savings Account; Flex Spending Account) type account.


Visa, Discover, AE, or Mastercard are accepted including cards associated with using your flex or health care saving account which offers tax savings too. You can choose to use your cc on a regular basis or as a back-up if you forget your therapy payment, etc.

Cash, Zelle, Venmo or check are also accepted at the beginning of each counseling session.


Clients can cancel or reschedule an appointment anytime on the Client Portal 48 hours prior to your appointment. If you cancel an appointment with less than 48 hour notice, or fail to show up, it you will be charged for the appointment.

EMAIL or CALL for further information.

Every individual and situation is unique and the amount of time needed to address individual issues varies. Some people have a specific problem that can be addressed and resolved in a relatively short amount of time, while others may need longer-term treatment.

Everything is doable!

Just reach out and we will find the best way to support you.

Frequently asked questions:

Many clients have an anxiety, especially when it comes to unfamiliar situations and meeting new people. To decrease some anxiety consider scheduling online session first, even if you are planning to come in person. Here are the list of questions you might have. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email at anna@mindfulcounselingvirginia.com
  • What to expect during initial session?

The purpose of the first appointment is to gather information about your current situation, discuss goals of therapy and determine if it’s a good fit.


  • Who can benefit from therapy?

Here are some reasons people reach out to get counseling:

Feeling stressed and tense all the time.

Worry about things they cannot control.

Feeling unfulfilled in life.

Being unhappy in the relationships.

Being unhappy at the job.

Spirituality and religious belief struggles.

Striving for perfection and being unhappy because of that.

Doing things for other people and not taking into the account their own feelings and needs.

Not feeling like they belong, feeling odd, not enough or not good enough.

Feeling inadequate.

The biggest portion of a “good therapist” is the relationship between the client and therapist. It is also important that the therapist has special training, knowledge, and experience, yet the relationship and trust is still the most important factor when measuring “good fit” it takes time.

  • What to expect during first face-to-face appointment?

We do not have a receptionist. When you arrive, please park at the spot that is not reserved. The suite 102 is where waiting room is located (Wellspring psychotherapy). There are few chairs in a hallway as well. Feel free to wait there or inside of the suite. I will look for you at your schedule appointment time.

  • What to expect during Online session?

If you choose online session, the link will be emailed to you. It is very simple to use. If you are using PC there no need to download a software. If you choose to use you phone for tele-health session you will download the app.

Online sessions are very similar to face to face sessions. Some people find it more comfortable to do online therapy.

  • What to talk about during the fist session?

During the first visit we will talk about what brought you to therapy, what you are struggling the most with, I will ask you about your family and how it was for you during childhood years. We will also discuss spiritual beliefs, eating habits, and relationship with money if that is important to you. Remember, it is your therapy, it is your time, and you can choose to talk about what stands up the most on that day. I will make suggestions if you are not sure and do my best to make you feel comfortable. During the first session we will also discuss the cancelation policy, frequency of the therapy, and desired outcomes. I do have a 48 hour cancelation policy.