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I’m Anna Tihomirova

Anna Tihomirova, licensed counselor

I love people. People are incredible. People are amazing. But people get stuck, we get sick we get scared.

I am passionate about helping people make long-lasting change. Smart people, ambitious people, people who don’t want to accept that this is all there is.

People who know the darkness of life. Who wants to make their anxiety go away, who are searching for more than just a magic pill. People who are looking for someone who walks with them through this journey of self-discovery called therapy.

I know the pain of living a half-life. I know, because I was that person. It is what compelled me to retrain as a Licensed Professional Counselor. I was a school teacher, I have been an energy healer, however my true calling is to help people let go of their stuck places safely and with compassion.

In Latvia, the country of my childhood, asking for help is considered a sign of weakness. So it is with just a touch of irony that I have come to embrace the opposite philosophy here in the United States, the land of “opportunity.”

Asking for help isn’t weak. It’s smart. Asking for help from someone with the knowledge, skills and expertise to help you make change – now that just makes sense.

As for my professional background:

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (0701007017) in the state of Virginia. I earned my Master of Science from East Carolina University in 2011, where I studied mental health counseling. I obtained my B.A. in Business Management from Mount Olive University in North Carolina. I am also a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor and incorporate berth work with some clients.

It might seem like I have a lot of credentials. That’s nothing to be confused by. Basically, these are all the tools that I have available to help my clients. You see therapy is so much more than talking. I didn’t spend may years being qualified just to listen to people talk. No, I help people to:

Process trauma

Develop new skills

Rebuild relationships

Deal with the root causes of anxiety

Make necessary and sometimes uncomfortable change

I’m experienced in helping people who are living with:

Eating disorders

Body image
Abandonment by family and significant others
Substance abuse

I am great working with men and women. I have a growing client base of student who are in college and I’m loving working with these young people.

One of the most important things you need to know about me is that I don’t do Therapy to you. Therapy is something we do together. Sometimes it will feel uncomfortable and a bit frightening, but it will be safe. Let me help you become the person you are longing to be.

Together we will create a plan and develop goals to ensure your safety and decrease the possibility of experiencing crises in the future. In this way, you be well trained and ready to take the next important steps in your life.